Susan Sarandon Admits To Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon

Susan Abigail Sarandon is a popular American actress born on the 4th of October, 1946 in Jackson Heights, New York, USA. The 68 year old is a mother of 3 children and has had a lot of fame and recognition in the film industry. She has won several awards and had more than a few nominations in her period in Hollywood. As a celebrity or somebody always in front of cameras, she has to ensure that she is appealing at all times. Hollywood is all about the best appearances win the fame and recognition. This forces a lot of celebrities to enhance their appearances so as not to be left behind. This article focuses on Susan Sarandon plastic surgery. Read more

Are the Speculations About Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Correct?

Gwen StefaniGwen Renée Stefani is an American actress, singer, songwriter and fashion designer. She is well known for being the lead vocalist and cofounder of the rock band known as No Doubt. She was born in Fullerton, California on 3rd October 1969. The 45 year old singer has also been always recognized for her eccentric taste in fashion and unique beauty. However, there are many speculations about Gwen Stefani plastic surgery, mainly because she still looks youthful and her facial appearance has changed in some way. Read more

After Plastic Surgery Christian Author Paula White Looks Much More Different

Paula WhiteFor those who do not know Paula White, she is a popular televangelist hosting the TV show Paula today, Co founder of the without walls international church and now a senior pastor of new destiny Christian center in Apopka, Florida. It seems however that she did decide to literally “preach water and drink wine”.

This comes about after bowing down to the constant pressure of looking good for the TV and apparently for the pulpit and having plastic surgery. Read more

Seohyun Plastic Surgery Before And After Rumors

SeohyunThe world today is popular through the Korean wave of K-pop. Moreover, there are different pop music traditions from various Asian influences like Japan with J-pop and others. South Korea is especially known to harbor many girl bands, and one most famous is SNSD or Girl’s Generation. It comprises of nine beautiful girls, including Seohyun, as its members. Read more

Transformation of Snooki After Plastic Surgery

SnookiWith the popularity of plastic surgery among celebrities today, it is no surprise to hear that a celebrity has had plastic surgery. Snooki is a famous reality star that has never been known for having body issues. This is what is gathered from social media where she takes pictures of her without make up and shares them with the world. With such confidence, it is highly unlikely to think that she would go for plastic surgery to enhance her looks. However, rumors have it that the reality star has had plastic procedures done. Her dramatic weight loss is the one thing most people agree was as a result of plastic surgery. She is said to have lost about 50 pounds in just five months. Read more

Nikki Mudarris Plastic Surgery Rumors

Nikki Mudarris 2Plastic surgery is becoming the order of the day for many celebrities. This may be because there is a lot of pressure from fans, friends and the media. The world expects of celebrities to look perfect and they have accepted this theory since most of them turn to plastic surgery to enhance their beauty. Nikki Mudarris the famous reality star is one of the celebrities who are rumored to have had plastic surgery. Rumors are saying that she has had butt implants, breast augmentation and a nose job. However, the rumors about her butt implants are more popular compared to the other cosmetic procedures. Read more

Kim Basinger Aging Gracefully or Plastic Surgery?

Kim BasingerGood genes, this is one of the few things that have been attributed to Kim Basinger youthful graceful appearance, but then again doesn’t she look way too youthful? Looking at her photos, there could only be two reasons for her appearance, either she has stumbled on the fountain of youth that is enabling her to age in reverse or she has had some work done. Because we aren’t focusing on myths here, it’s quite obvious the big question that remains is if she has really undergone plastic surgery. Read more

Do you know the Secret behind Cher’s Youthful Appearance?

Cher plastic surgery

Cher also known as Cherilyn Sarkisian is a renowned US singer, actor, director and producer born on 20th May 1946. Putting up her solo act, she has sold over 100 million record tracks worldwide with her 1999 “Believe” making her more popular. This pop goddess has also received quite a number of awards like in the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Golden globe awards, film festival awards and the Emmy’s. The 1987 “moonstruck” film saw her winning the best actress in the academy awards. At 68 years today, Cher definitely looks younger and more attractive than her age. This can be attributed to the fact that she is also considered the hugest fan of plastic surgery. Read more

Did Tara Lipinski Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Tara Lipinski plastic surgeryMost celebrities undergo plastic surgery in order to remain relevant in the brutally competitive entertainment industry. With regard to this, the Tara Lipinski Plastic surgery is hardly a surprise. Often described as a cosmetic surgery junkie, the 1982 born star, whose first love is skating, has been the subject of various debates on whether cosmetic surgery enhances one’s beauty or not. Therefore, we are going to analyse the Tara Lipinski plastic surgery with regard to the various procedures undergone, the truths, myths and outright lies plus the public opinion aroused by the procedure. Additionally, we are going to contrast the expected results from the surgery with the actual outcome. Read more

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