Has Carole Radziwill Undergone Plastic Surgery To Enhance Her Looks?

Carole RadziwillAm sure you know of Carole Radziwill, the former news reporter at ABC news and a writer. Yes that one, the one that is having a blast, talking ears off in The Real housewives of New York City. It appears that she has changed tact from being a cry baby to a screaming woman but that is for another time. Apparently Carole Radziwill is royalty, having been related by marriage into the J. F. Kennedy family. Either way it seems her joining the show was just for the paycheck and the fame, as if she didn’t get that back in 1994. With her ever pronounced outspoken nature, one thing that is great in her is her striking toned up body; she looks great and almost her age.

So speculation has been rife in tabloids and overall media online networks that she has undergone plastic surgery. However she has scoffed at the remarks, stating clearly that her nice body is because she is one of the few people with really good metabolism. In short, she means that she doesn’t have to sweat it out to maintain her youthful body shape. Good for her, however that is not the focus here. It seems like she has undergone under the knife to keep her graceful appearance, defying age.

So what procedures has she undergone?

Celebrity Plastic surgeon Tornambe mentioned that there is a high probability that Carole Radziwill has indeed undergone plastic surgery. Comparing her to her younger photos it seems that she has undergone plastic surgery. Her cheeks seem leaner and nose pointed and more attractive.

Carole Radziwill Before After Platsic Surgery
So as to convince you with hard evidence, take some time and look at her photos and see the difference. Her face seemed rounder and more attractive back when she was younger. All her natural features seemed just right. However now she looks much leaner in the cheek area. Her cheeks look malnourished and this is the direct result of overdone liposuction to the cheek area. It does seem that she would have looked much better with a little more fat left to her cheeks.

She also seems to have undergone face lift. This is quite obvious because at her age she should be having some sagging skin at her chin area and upper forehead. Instead she has nothing, not even the common crease lines that are caused with laughing and frowning at the smoker area. Her forehead has tight skin and she has virtually no parenthesis and this is suggestive of Botox injections administered over time that enable her skin look fuller and glowing.

Of course there is the issue where in some media photos Carole Radziwill looks like she has puckered lips. It’s not that anyone wants to be rude but that is the fact. They made her own outlook seem different and disturbing suggesting that the regular Botox and fat injections don’t go as planned each and every time. Wondering after that how she could still deny the fact that she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. Either way as long as she hasn’t confirmed it remains just a rumor.