The mystery of Calista Flockhart cheeks: has she had surgery?

Calista Flockhart celesurgery

Calista Kay Flockhart, known simply as Calista Flockhart, is a 49 years old American actress and TV star. She rose to fame in the title role on successful TV series “Ally McBeal” and later reclaimed her popularity and critical acclaim when she starred on the popular family drama “Brothers & Sisters”, opposite Rob Lowe, Sally Field, Emily van Camp and a host of other stars. Though she’s enjoyed huge success over the years, having won several awards for “Ally McBeal”, including a Golden Globe, the stunning actress, who is married to Harrison Ford, hasn’t been in any projects since the end of “Brothers & Sisters”, back in 2011.

While Calista is certainly a stunningly beautiful actress, the truth is she is in fact about to hit the big 50, but looks just like her 30 year old self, which has the public wondering how she maintains such a youthful look.There are some signs that can be easily pointed out in her most recent pictures, fueling Calista Flockhart plastic surgery.

One of the most obvious difference which the stunning celebrity has shown lately is a rounder, fuller face, as opposed to her usually slim, skinny visage with defined cheekbones. Of course, this could be explained by allergies or other factors, but it could also mean Harrison Ford’s wife has enlisted the help of a trusted surgeon to defy age and gravity, by having filler injections, which make the skin look plumper, but can also look quite swollen at first.

Calista Flockhart before and after Plastic Surgery

It is worth noting though, that the star’s weight has been known to fluctuate over the years, even leading to eating disorder rumors, which are far more popular than the Calista Flockhart rumors, and could certainly explain the fuller facial appearance, namely her newly found round cheeks.

However, her cheeks aren’t the only feature inciting Calista Flockhart plastic surgery rumors. Actually, the main chain both the public and the media point out when looking at before and after pictures of Calista is her lips, which are rounder and fuller than at the beginning of her career, possibly hinting at a lip augmentation. This could be true, as the stunning celebrity is said to have been unhappy with her lips before.

The possibility that she’s had a nose job is also among Calista Flockhart, with some claiming that you can visibly tell some minor changes when looking at her before and after surgery pictures, namely that her bridge is narrower and the tip pointier now.

All in all, the fact is Calista Flockhart has never commented on her plastic surgery history, and the evidence supporting Calista Flockhart plastic surgery rumors is somewhat scarce. That doesn’t mean, however, that her appearance isn’t commented on, especially now that she is nearing 50 and seems to have decided to take a hiatus from her career, appearing in public far less frequently. While some think her face looks strange, especially her prominent cheeks, others compliment her on her age-defying beauty.

Whether her flawless appearance has been surgically improved or not, it is undeniable that Calista Flockhart is as stunning as ever at 50 years of age.