Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Disaster

Axl Rose 3Celebrities are people who always have the spotlight on every aspect of their lives. This includes what they wear, where they live, their spouses and families, their wealth, change of careers and physical changes. The current trend of celebrities turning to plastic surgery and many other cosmetic procedures has grown and blown out of proportion. For some of them, the results have been superb and worth everyone’s envy. On the other hand, others have not been so lucky and the results were sort of disastrous for lack of a better word. There are those who live to regret their actions and wish they hadn’t undergone any sort of transformation.

One such case is that of Axl Rose plastic surgery. The lead vocalist of rock band “Guns N’ Roses” isn’t new to cosmetic procedure controversy. His before and after pictures depict a lot of surgeries that have gone wrong and instead of him looking younger and appealing he looks plasticized and his face seems frozen and tight. He might not have any aging signs and that’s the only plus he got out of immense reconstruction. There have been many speculations on the number of procedures and surgeries he’s undergone including Botox injections, a facelift, fat grafting, chemical peeling, cheek implants, a nose job and eyelid surgery.

His appearance is significantly different right now when compared to the past. It is in fact hard to recognize him and his appearance. Now he is far worse and weird. His cheeks look fuller and this makes his face seem swollen. His eyes look wide and this is a possible outcome of several blepharoplasties. The changing of his face has been extremely dramatic in a span of few years. Based on rumors and speculations, his face isn’t the only part of him that’s been subjected to change. The famous lead that has had his share of fame is a good example of surgeries gone completely wrong. It could be due to the numerous number of times he’s been at or maybe this just goes to show that surgery isn’t for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Axl Rose chemical peeling

Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t guarantee that it will be a smooth walk for another person. Many celebrities both male and female have been rumored to undergo procedures like liposuction and breast augmentation for reasons best known to them. Some had been successful at it while others came out looking twice as old and uglier than they were before. Other male celebrities who are known to have tried this path and it backfired in their faces include Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Jenner. Their attempts to turn back their years resulted in worse fast-forwards

Axl Rose facelift

Axl Rose, who has been out of the musical scene for some years now, has raised eyebrows with fans, medical specialists and critics alike. Many have been going on about how different he looks now and there are various comparisons and views that have been given from tons of angles. Truth is though, that if at all one is interested in getting any changes then they should brace up for resulting changes whether negative or positive.