Amanda Bynes Nose Job Plastic Surgery Obsession

Amanda Bynes nose jobAmong all the Hollywood celebrities who have undergone nose job plastic surgery, none has made their procedures so public than Amanda Bynes. Amanda is a young actress – currently 27 years old, who has a diverse career line. She is a former host of Nickelodeon show, and also doubles up as a singer and acting film star. After featuring in various successful Nickelodeon TV series, she retired and joined the film industry. She has already starred in many teenage audience films, the most common being Hairspray and She’s the Man. This little innocent star has caused quite a lot of stir in social media and mass media concerning cosmetic surgery.

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery obsession is known to the whole world, and she has not kept silent even a second when it comes to her face makeover. She has always taken to the social site, Twitter to express her moves for seeking cosmetic procedures. Her best explanation has been to look beautiful in her appearance and looks. As opposed to other celebrities who try to deny their surgery concerns, she has openly tweeted about her reasons for going under the knife. In most of her tweets, she has claimed she and other popular celebrities are ugly. Though her remarks and comments might be seen as an intention to diss fellow Hollywood celebrities, they are never unique anymore. Among the celebrities she has said that are ugly in her Twitter account are Drake, Barack and Michelle Obama, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and even her own niece.

Her recent behaviors have not augured well with her parents Rick and Lynn Bynes, who took issue with her by filing an application in court. The caring parents argued that that their daughter could no longer take care of herself due to her obsession with plastic surgery, partly drugs and paranoia; and this posed a threat to her and others. As a result, they were seeking a temporary conservatorship for Amanda which was successfully granted on August 9th 2013. The conservatorship runs until the end of September, after which the judge will decide whether to make it permanent or not. Her parents say Amanda is destroying her body image. As for her, she confesses that cosmetic surgery is the best and amazing thing she has done in her whole life.

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Amanda Bynes started with plastic surgery in early May when she informed her twitter followers that she had just had a nose job so that a webbing – a birth defect she calls it, between her eyes and nose could be removed. This she said boosted her confidence before embarking on her musical career. Comparing the before and after pictures of her clearly shown the big difference from the previous Amanda people knew. She confessed she decided to make her surgery public so that blogs and magazines would stop using her old pictures. She claimed she was much prettier after the plastic surgery that never wanted to see her old pictures being used on magazines.

Months later, Amanda was supposed to undergo cosmetic surgery again. She claimed that her nose was broken and was bruising and therefore had to undergo nose job surgery again. According to her, it is her surgeon who broke her nose during the first surgery and now could not even breathe well. Due to this, she was never going to stop plastic surgery until the broken bone in her nose was shaved off. What is clear is that Amanda Bynes is a big fan of nose job plastic surgery and consider it an important procedure for enhancing her beauty and confidence.